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Our United Nations Membership

Did you know that we had a formal association with the United Nations from 1992 until 2001?


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Read the Cult Bible Online

This free cult edition, known as New World Translation, includes pictures, footnotes, cross-references, and special indoctrination tools.

Read our Cult Bible Online

This free cult edition, known as New World Translation, includes pictures, footnotes, cross-references, and special indoctrination tools.

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Jehovah’s with Nazis—Who Are Likely to Join Us?

We mostly attract people with issues. People who are happy and content rarely join us. Thankfully for us, people with issues are found EVERYWHERE. This means we have people from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, and we are united by cleverly enforced goals "suggested" in our publications. Those who question our nazi-inspired leaders or any aspects of our fuhrers' Jehovah-fueled direction are eventually sent to our spiritual gas chambers (read: brought before a kangaroo court made up of 3 men with limited intelligence and judged to have made Jehovah very sad and so, must be executed, spiritually speaking). Above all, we are required to promote Jehovah, the name we prefer to use to identify the God of the Bible and the mythical spirit in the sky whom we mindlessly believe made all things, but is also used to enforce the will of our Nazi-inspired leaders. We do not read science books on evolution or anything critical of our worldview because it could easily destroy our fragile faith. We limit research of other religions and science to the pages of our cult's website and publications. We claim to imitate the fictional and magical character Jesus Christ but in reality we imitate the direction provided in our concentration camp magazine, The Watchtower. It helps us to be proud shunners of family & friends who do not conform, while ensuring we are sincere little door-knockers and letter writers, even if others think we are Weird Religious Nuts. Each of us is required to spend time pestering unsuspecting folk to convert to our highly controlled way of life. We do this by creating a fairytale world we like to call 'God’s Kingdom' and then we record how many hours we spent writing or talking to people about our cult and we send this holy data to our inglorious fuhrers each month. Because we witness, or are "with Nazis", we never shut up about Jehovah: Jehovah this, Jehovah that, Jehovah God, our God Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah; we are known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, which can be read as, "Jehovah is with Nazis".

This is a parody homepage but you can explore our real life cult website by clicking on any of the links you see here. Read our own cult Bible online. Learn more about how we break apart families by practising an extreme form of shunning.


Two of Jehovah's Witnesses preaching to a man in a rice paddy.